Travel & Accommodation


If you are selected to participate in GET UP 2019:

Accommodation will be booked for all participants at the Courtyard Rome Central Park and is free for all selected participants based on double occupancy. When you are selected to participate in the course, you can indicate if you wish to have a single or shared room. If you prefer to stay in a single room, there is a surcharge per night that you would need to pay yourself prior to the event.


Arrival date: Tuesday, 9th April 2019 – anytime
Departure date: Saturday evening, 13th April 2019 – after 18:00h, or where logistically necessary on Sunday 14th April 2019 during the morning – flights +/- 1 day need to be confirmed by Olympus prior to booking them! If not confirmed by Olympus they might not be eligible for reimbursement.

Please note the following: The course finishes around 17:30h. It is not acceptable to leave considerably earlier.


Travel policy
Travel costs will be reimbursed up to EUR 150 after receipt of a proper invoice and the original bills indicating the costs and dates (flight bills should also include name, departure, and destination) after the course.
The reimbursement of travel costs is conditional upon adherence to the following guidelines and limits:

  • Flight: Economy class only
  • Train: 2nd class only
  • Arrival and departure have to be as close as possible to the actual duration of GET UP (max. +/- 1 day where logistically necessary, if previously confirmed by Olympus); cheaper flight/train connections which are not in direct, time-wise relation to the course cannot be reimbursed
  • No costs for extension nights for personal reasons will be reimbursed
  • No invitation of accompanying persons
  • Return of a participation form, together with a signed Approval of Employer, until 29th January 2019

Please note that the EUR 150 are not the limit for the flight costs. The main criteria for a suitable flight is that it is close to the meeting. There is no preference given for a direct flight if there are considerably earlier connecting flights. Any additional costs accruing on behalf of the participants will not be reimbursed.

You can download the reimbursement form here.