Selection Criteria

After the registration will be closed on the 31st January 2023, participants for the GET UP 2023 course will be selected by the faculty based on the following criteria:

  1. Year of training. Priority is given to residents in their final year of training or first year after specialisation
  2. Evident interest in endoscopic surgery such as memberships of endoscopic societies, endoscopic courses followed, and articles on endoscopy published in PubMed. To increase the probability of selection it is important that you submit truthfully those criteria that are applicable to you. For some criteria you need to upload the confirmation materials that eventually may be checked.
  3. Regular ESGE Membership of 1 year (
  4. English language skills
  5. Geographic spread

Please note: Applications with no Proof of Status attached or where the Proof of Status was not created with the attached template, will be excluded automatically and not be considered according to the above criteria.

Everyone who has registered for the participation will be informed by email by end-February 2023 if they have or have not been selected to participate in the course.